NanoAl provides a family of heat resistant, high conductivity, castable, and low cost aluminum superalloys.

Products and services

Proprietary Aluminum Master Alloys

NanoAl sells proprietary aluminum master alloys which can be diluted into a final target composition, and provides the appropriate heat-treatment schedules to create the nano-precipitates. NanoAl also sells research quantities of final alloys for evaluation purposes.

Research & Development

In addition to alloy products, NanoAl engages in joint research and development with clients to design and develop products that meet and exceed the target specifications.

NanoAl T-series aluminum superalloys.


NanoAl high temperature aluminum wire bonding.

NanoAl-T series is a family of castable, heat-treatable aluminum superalloys designed for extreme temperature conditions. With operating temperatures up to 400 °C (752 °F), applications include high and low power electrical cables and wires, engine components, heat exchangers, and many more.

For detailed information about the NanoAl T series superalloy, please feel free to download the document above.

Our high temperature bonding wire possesses many desirable characteristics including extreme creep resistance up tp 400 °C (752 °F) and excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.                       

The document above demonstrates other great benefits provided by this alloy.