NanoAl provides aluminum superalloys according to clients' target specifications.


Vehicle manufacturers are highly motivated to reduce their vehicles' weight to improve gas mileage. Moreover, cars and trucks are also federally mandated to achieve much improved gas mileage in the near future. For example, sedans need to achieve a fleet average of 54.5 mile/gallon by 2025 (the CAFE rule). NanoAl will help vehicle manufacturers achieve this ambitious goal. Outstanding high temperature creep resistace, improved mechanical properties, and excellent thermal conductivity of NanoAl products make them ideal choice for brake rotors, engine components, and radiators in cars.

Brake rotor

Power transmission cables and wires

Aluminum has been a material of choice for conductors of power transmission lines, due to its higher conductivity per weight as compared to copper and its lower cost. Current high conductivity Al wires, however, cannot be operated above 210°F (100°C), as they experience permanent deformation and sag over time. This limits the power that can be transmitted through Al wires. Recent development of heat resistant Al-Zr alloy conductors improves the tolerated temperature to 410°F (210°C), which is now utilized in many transmission lines in America and across the globe. Our high temperature Al superalloy has the ability to tolerate temperatures well above 572°F (300°C), with little permanent deformation while maintaining high strength. When adopted, they will significantly increase the electrical transmission efficiency of existing power lines, preventing the costly building of new lines.

Conductivity Alloy

Other applications

  • Aluminum alloys for thermal management in high density power electronics modules
  • Aluminum alloys for interconnects in integrated circuits with improved mechanical stability
  • Friction-stir weldable aluminum alloys for aluminium panels
  • Fire-resistant aluminum products
  • Heat-resistant alloys for engine blocks
  • Aluminum alloys as the matrix for metal matrix composites
  • Aluminum foams
  • Aerospace