NanoAl | High Temperature and High Strength Nano Aluminum Alloy Company

Why NanoAl ?

Low Cost Products

Utilizing low cost alloying elements in low concentration, and ability to employ conventional methods for production and processing assure a competitive price for final products.

Versatility of Products

NanoAl alloys can be processed by conventional (batch- and continuous casting) and non-conventional methods (powder metallurgy), which gives more options to clients to use NanoAl alloys in new applications.

Value Added Products

With the competitive cost of final products and much higher service temperature capacity than commercial aluminum alloys, NanoAl products offer improved properties and a significantly longer service life at intermediate and high temperatures.

Extensive Experience

Our scientific and engineering team members are the leaders behind the breakthrough technology in high-temperature aluminum alloys. With two decades of research and practical experience, we are able to design and produce aluminum alloys that meet and exceed your target specifications.

Quality and High Performance

NanoAl utilizes state of the art technology and instrumentation for product design, analysis, and quality control. This ensures product consistency and high performance. The extensive experience, motivation, and commitment of NanoAl’s team, guarantees products that exceed clients’ requirements and expectations.

Market Advantage

All NanoAl’s IPs are protected by patents. NanoAl commercial clients, however, have the advantage to obtain exclusive rights to a long-term patent-protected license for manufacturing of the products, designed and developed for them, in their industry.