NanoAl is a technology company dedicated to the design and development of high performance aluminum alloys.

The mission of NanoAl is to create new aluminum alloy technology to solve problems for our customers, and in turn, provide a challenging and rewarding opportunity for our employees and shareholders.


NanoAl has received government grants from the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and Department of Defense for its breakthrough technology. NanoAl’s clients include US government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. NanoAl's mission is to lead the development and commercialization of high temperature aluminum superalloys.


NanoAl specializes in the design of castable, heat-treatable, high temperature aluminum alloys that yield outstanding performance in a wide range of markets. The excellent thermal stability of NanoAl alloys provides outstanding performance at extreme temperatures. At a competitive cost, our designs maintain aging and creep resistance, high strength, ductility, conductivity, and other desirable properties of advanced aluminum alloys.


Power transmission cables and wires
Electronic power modules
Engine components
Brake rotors
Aerospace structures
Heat exchanges and radiators
Matrix for light-weight composites
Powders for powder metallurgy components and 3D printing alloys